Community level training

Our community level training equips participants to create a child-friendly atmosphere and environment in which children can thrive. We utilise our Base Pack equipment resource to teach a range of games and activities and emphasise best practice for leadership, coaching, safeguarding and child protection.

our global community staff delivery activities in botswana

Our training focusses on 7 core principles

Our training also emphasises our ABC for coaching so that participants can ADAPT their sessions, manage BEHAVIOUR and COMMUNICATE effectively with children and young people

a person with the basepack on her back
our global community staff delivery activities in botswana
local residents with the base pack in Botswana

The training is highly interactive and experiential in nature – with participants experiencing the games, ideas and techniques first-hand, and then reflecting on how they can deliver a similar experience for the children and young people that they work with.

Designed to be highly transferable and adaptable to any context, the training equips leaders, whatever their background or experience, to provide fun, informative and inclusive activity sessions that children and young people will really enjoy. It also helps leaders and organisations to incorporate and communicate educational content in fun and engaging ways.


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