Active Leader Training

Active Leaders has been designed to train, equip and inspire 9-11 year olds to lead enjoyable, engaging and active games with their peers. Activities are designed to be integrated into play times, lunch times and extracurricular activities.

The training increases children’s aspirations, motivation and confidence in school and at home.

The programme includes:

  • Child-centred application and interview process that has been praised by Ofsted
  • A day of game-based training that provides children with skills and knowledge that enables them to become Active Leaders
  • Certified graduation ceremony
  • Support visits to ensure proper integration of activities during play and lunch times and as part of extracurricular activities

The Active Leaders programme is adaptable to its’ context, enabling schools to choose which children will participate in the trainings. Up to 40 children can be equipped to be an Active Leader through a school year.

active leaders logo
children taking part in active leaders activities

Active Leaders training outcomes

  • Helps children to realise their potential and develop confidence
  • Children develop essential life skills, including leadership, communication and creativity skills
  • Increased physical activity levels for all children
  • Increased interaction between year groups
  • Significant reduction in playground incidents
  • Valuable careers experience gained
  • Staff more engaged in the playground
  • Sustainable model that children can aspire to be part of
the base pack being explained by our active leaders trainer

Equipment & resources

The programme is centred around our famous Base Pack that holds all the equipment needed for a successful programme.  The Base Pack has been used in many contexts across the world as it enables endless numbers of age appropriate, gender neutral, safe games and activities. We provide all the resources required for a successful programme, such as:

  • Base Pack
  • Manual
  • Posters
  • Bibs
  • Lanyards
  • Game Cards
  • Principles Stickers

Training and support schedule

  • Scoping visit to enable us to understand a school context and to agree the programme schedule
  • Assembly to promote the programme
  • Group interviews with children
  • Training with children
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Implementation and support visit
active leaders children delivering activities

Get in touch

To find out more about our Active Leaders training sessions, and other ways we can help you get more pupils active, please get in touch.

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