Active Play sessions

Since 1991 we have been helping children to get active whilst having fun and learning together. As part of our mission, we provide free Active Play sessions to selected primary schools across the UK.

children being active outside in the playground
children outside taking part in activities
children taking part in a game of tug of war
children running and jumping in the air
school children celebrating

Active Play sessions get children active through a positive and inclusive set of games and activities. In the past three years, over 30,000 children have enjoyed these sessions. Sessions are led by our experienced, enthusiastic and DBS checked ‘Red Top’ coaches.

Active Play sessions are fully funded, and we would love to run one at your school.

children with their hands in the air celebrating

Benefits of Active Play sessions:

  • Children experience a range of active games and physical activities in an inclusive and encouraging environment
  • Sessions can be adapted to suit the needs of children and the school schedule
  • Instils a love of being active from an early age, encouraging children to choose healthier lifestyles!
  • A great way to get children, of various levels of health and fitness, to be active whilst having fun in an atmosphere free from pressure – every child wins a certificate and team sticker!
  • New active games ideas for schools to adopt
kings camps star of the day certificate
children taking part in parachute games with a sign saying 'keep on the grass' in the forefront

This is just an example of what a session might look like:

STRUCTURE Example KS1 Active Play Session Example KS2 Active Play Session
Game 1 Toilet Tag Chaos Tag
Game 2 Mingle, Mingle Mingle, Mingle
Game 3 Shark Attack Team Challenge
Game 4 Parachute Games Giants, Wizards and Elves
Game 5 Penguin Song Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament
End Awards Awards

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To find out more about our Active Play sessions, and other ways we can help you get more pupils active, please get in touch.

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